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VietGATE has been separated from Saigon.Com administratively (both sites continue to be brought to you as services of Net Images). Please visit the newly updated VietGATE at https://www.viet.net/ to see the many new features (such as a Vietnamese websites Search Engine and our improved Yellow Pages) we are bringing to you. Saigon.Com will continue to serve the Vietnamese community along with its updated sister site: VietGATE.


Saigon.Com is a public WWW Information Service maintained by Net Images. Here you will find a wealth of information on all things Vietnamese, whether they exist only on the Internet, or out there, in real-life Vietnamese communities all over the world.

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An online YELLOW PAGES of thousands of Vietnamese businesses in the California area. You can search by type of business, business location, and name of business!


Welcome to Saigon.Com's NEWS section. We'll gather here links to publications and services which have the latest news and reports from Vietnam. For starters, check out the weekly updates from Asia Week. We'll keep updating this section, so come back and visit it every so often...


Come in and check out the very first VNmese online publication, VIET Magazine. Admire the art of its covers. Browse through the informative articles sampled from each of its monthly issues. Get to know its staff of talented young writers and designers... Watch this space, for we'll bring you more of this kind of fare, a Newsstand all of our own!


Have you seen the latest still pictures and videos from Vietnam in our Gallery? They're there for you to enjoy and to download, free of charge. Visit our CD ROM section and pick up useful Vietnamese software, fonts, literature, movie clips, and much, much more...


Read up on what local Vietnamese communities are doing for social programs and services. Get information about restaurants, sites to visit, places to stay, as you plan a trip from one city to another, from one country to the next. Learn what our international, professional organizations are all about, and what they've been up to lately. For a list of Non Governmental Organizations doing work in Vietnam (NGOs).


Join some of the mail-lists we've created here at Saigon.COM for Vietnamese all over the world. Whether you like serious debates about issues relating to the future of Vietnam (vn-forum), just want to meet new friends (vn-singles), or are really spoiling for some down-and-out rowdy posting (vn-atnp), we've got the right forum for you. Here you'll also find the archives of soc.culture.vietnamese ,one of the most active newsgroups the Internet has ever spawned. Just for fun, check out some of the wit, creativity, or plain ...goofiness in the Personal Pages we've had the pleasure to house here.


And finally, once you've perused all that we've created here, go take a look at other Vietnamese Web sites, all over the world, using Viet Links.

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