Vietnet and Viet software MailServer archive

Saigon.COM is the MailServer archive for Vietnet and Viet software. It is also the main archive for the Usenet newsgroup It is a duplicate of the anonymous FTP archives. The purpose of this mailserver is to allow those without ftp access to retrieve these files.

The MailServer looks for its instruction in the body of the message. It ignores the subject. These are some of the instructions that the MailServer understands:

You should always put your requests between BEGIN/END pairs in case your message contains extra items the mailserver does not understand (such as your signature).

Please make sure that your email address in the header of the message is valid. The MailServer uses that to send the files to you. I've gotten a lot of bounced messages from those of you with unreachable email addresses.

Here is a sample session:

$ mail [email protected]
Subject: anything_here
EOF (type a Control-D)

The email address of the server is Some of you who are in the UUCP domain might have problem sending mail to an Internet style address. Try one of the following UUCP paths:


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