Saigon.COM Mailing Lists FAQ

Updated: 09/07/94

This is the mailing list FAQ. It explains how to join (subscribe) to one of the lists on Saigon.COM. It also explains how to leave (unsubscribe) a list. The FAQ list and give short description of all the major mailing lists available on Saigon.COM

Lists that are restricted:

This is a RESTRICTED list for Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) working on helping Viet Nam. If you wish to join, send email to
Postmaster@Saigon.COM with information about yourself and your NGO. The VNNGO network is a Vietnamese-American Education Foundation (VAEF) sponsored project.

An Internet gateway, WAN, and email network in Viet Nam is being worked on. Serious offers of help are welcome.

Lists publically available for everyone to join:

Vietnam discussions. It is moderated. To join, send email to
This is for technical discussions on such areas as software programming, hardware designs, technical supports (hw/sw). Oriented toward the Vietnamese engineers. Discussions are in both English and Vietnamese.
This is A(n Tu.c No'i Phe't. A mailing list for people to talk about whatever "No'i Phe't". Let me warn you that the conversation can get rather racy, risque' at times. Join it at your own discretion. The only restriction I place on the list is no flame wars, no name callings, and so on.
This is a list for the VNese singles, professionals and students. (There are also some married people in it.) The focus is on socializing with other VNese singles and sharing experiences. It is very friendly and enjoyable... :-)


To subscribe to any of the VN-* lists, send a message to majordomo@Saigon.COM with the following in the body of the message:

subscribe listname

For example, to subscribe to vn-singles:

$ mail [email protected]
Subject: subscribe
subscribe vn-singles
EOF (this is usually by typing Control-D)

NOTE: You may also send mail to the list, suffix with -request. For example, send email to instead of sending your request to


If for some reason, you need to leave one of the above mailing list, you can send email to majordomo@Saigon.COM with the following line in your message:

unsubscribe vn-atnp

Instead of vn-atnp, put the name of the list that you wish to leave.


When you send your email request to the Majordomo, make sure that your request is INSIDE the body of the message. Do not put it on the Subject: line. Do not put anything else in your message, such as your signature.

Please send all your requests to majordomo@Saigon.COM. Do not send them to the lists.

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